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Gluten-Free Nutella™ Rugelach

June 28, 2019 / Silly Zak's / No Comments

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This simple but tasty cookie will quickly become a favorite. Perfect for the holidays or any time you’re in the mood for something quick and delicious, this traditional crescent-shaped pastry will satisfy your cravings for something sweet.

What is Gluten-Free Nutella Rugelach?

Consisting of a buttery dough with a variety of fillings such as nuts, cinnamon, chocolate or jam, rugelach is a classic treat. This version is filled with Nutella™, giving the cookies a rich, sweet, hazelnut and cocoa flavor. They are crispy and flaky on the outside and have a wonderfully creamy texture on the inside.

Recipe for Gluten-Free Nutella Rugelach

These beautiful cookies only require four ingredients, another reason they are quick and easy to prepare. But whether you simply enjoy eating gluten-free or you are required to for health reasons, this recipe remains uncomplicated when you start with a gluten-free pie crust. Gluten-Free Nutella™ RugelachSilly Zak’s offers a delicious, ready-made, gluten-free crust which can be purchased online or at your local retailer. So making Nutella™ rugelah into a gluten-free treat is a snap.

2 Silly Zak’s pie crusts, thawed and softened
2/3 cup of Nutella™ hazelnut spread
a tablespoon of melted butter
1 1/2 teaspoons of granulated sugar
Preheat the oven to 375°.

Roll out one of the crusts, place on a lightly floured surface, and spread with half of the Nutella™.

Then cut the crust into 16 triangles using a pizza cutter or knife. Be sure to cut slowly to keep the dough in place.

Starting at the pointy end, roll each triangle into a crescent shape, and place each one on an ungreased baking sheet about one inch apart.

Repeat with the other crust and the remaining Nutella™.

Brush the tops of the rugelach with the melted butter, and sprinkle with the granulated sugar.

Bake for approximately 20 to 22 minutes or until they are golden brown. Allow the cookies to cool completely on a cooling rack.

For a simple variation, you can sprinkle 1/4 cup of any kind of chopped nuts over the Nutella™ before cutting into wedges. Walnuts, pecans, or macadamia nuts are favorites, and toasting the nuts for about five minutes at 350° before sprinkling them on will add another level of flavor.

To make them extra special, dust confectioner’s sugar over the freshly-baked rugelach. This adds another touch of sweetness, and they will look like they came from a bakery.

These make a nice gift and taste great with coffee. Visit our website for more gluten-free recipes and ideas.

Click Here for the Gluten-Free Nutella™ Rugelach PDF to Print or Save

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